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Monopolize Your Marketplace ®


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Separate Your Business From the Competition

Become the Obvious Choice in the Sea of Competition

Learn the SECRETS to “Monopolize Your Marketplace!” ®

Increase Your Business Revenue By 30% - 120%  or More in 2015 - 2016

Your marketing and advertising is supposed to build an argument for your business that makes your prospects draw the conclusion they would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but you, regardless of price!

If your marketing and advertising doesn't do that then it's not working right. We fix that.  Your sales and revenue go up dramatically.

Learn the three purposes of successful marketing 

Strategy Vs. Tactics - What's more important? 

Understanding the "Marketing Equation" 

Quit competing on price 

Increase quantity and quality of sales leads 

Increase overall advertising response without increases costs 

Convert a higher percentage of sales leads 

Increase average sale/ transaction amount 

Increase repeat and referral business  

Lower the risks of advertising and marketing

Email us right now and receive a free brochure that outlines our approach.

E mail:    marketingsecrets@iffpfmedia.com

For business owners who want to consistently make at least $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 Profit per year, Monopolize & Dominate Their Market and Triple the Value of Their Business in 24 months.

The Private Consulting Program is the best way to turbo-charge your innovation and marketing efforts and:

Minimize your time investment.
Optimize your results.
Maximize your return on investment fast.

Private Consulting involves our concentrated attention over 6 -24 months to implement the complete Monopolize Your Marketplace System in a customized way to help you grow and innovate your business…and we manage implementation of the marketing system.

Why This Works

First of all, Monopolize Your Marketplace ®is a system. It’s not a bunch of “creative” mumbo-jumbo that we hope will work. Because it’s a predictable, proven system, we will bet on our ability to get results. Often a significant portion of our compensation is based on YOUR growth in revenues and profits.

The Monopolize Your Marketplace ® System consists of five well-developed steps, plus a special element uniquely delivered by Private Equities:

The Articulated Sales Argument. We’ll help you understand your customers’ value hierarchy through surveys. Our analysis of the competition will provide great insights into what you truly face in the marketplace. We’ll develop an innovation matrix so you can regularly create breakthroughs in your industry. We’ll build an iron-clad case for your products and services, backed by extensive evidence.

Present the Case. We’ll create compelling marketing materials to tell your story well and present your case effectively.

Get the Word Out. We’ll set up a system for flawless delivery of your marketing message, so you spend less time juggling leads and more time closing business. We’ll create a “Profit Faucet” you can turn on or off at will.

Systematize the Selling Process. We’ll pre-determine customer needs and wants, create sales tools to support the selling process and systematize the whole process so you can tell your story consistently and convincingly every time. This will enable you to duplicate and transfer your passion, energy and persistence.

Optimize and Maximize Your Opportunities. Effective marketing is your best leverage. We’ll help you set up joint ventures and alliances, co-branding and co-marketing and referral systems to maximize your selling opportunities.

Continually Increase the Salability and Value of Your Business. At some point you’ll want to leave your business and it’s likely you’ll want to sell it for top dollar. Based on our years of mergers and acquisitions experience , we’ll augment the Marketing program with wise exit strategies. This will help you design and implement a predictable and prudent system for growth that deliberately and consistently increases the value and salability of your company. This is a unique and an important element of the Marketing service. Strategic marketing must be designed not only to boost revenue and ongoing profitability, but also to build value and facilitate an easy exit when the time comes to sell your business. Our goal is to use powerful Marketing strategies and our Mergers and Acquisitions expertise to help business owners consistently make at least $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 Profit per year, Monopolize and Dominate Their Market and Triple the Value of Their Business.

You Get Support that is Unique in the Marketing World

Support That Is Simply Not Available From Any Other Marketing Consultant, Advertising Agency, Book, Tape, Video or Any Other Source

You’ll get maximum results from your Private Consulting Program because it is supported in ways that are completely unique in the marketing and advertising world. Here’s how we’re able to assure you of success. You get:

A Project Leader. A Master Principal Consulting Agent who is a trained, experienced, seasoned business leader as your lead consultant.

Team Approach. Support by our marketing consultants, who are available to review and provide assistance with the marketing materials we create for you. You get a team approach to provide other perspectives and additional trained eyes and ears so we can test our work. We have skilled colleagues to play devils advocate, share their knowledge and challenge our approach and our messages to assure effectiveness.

National Coverage and Expertise. An ever-growing pool of wisdom at the local level, plus our access to the lessons learned from our other Marketing principal consultants across the US and Canada.

Corporate Guidance. Corporate review of the marketing communications we create for you. In other words, your materials get reviewed by corporate marketing experts.  

Does it make sense that with all these resources available to help you grow your business that if you do your part a Private Consulting Program is destined to succeed? That’s why we are willing to bet on our results and often tie a substantial portion of our compensation to the growth the system drives for you.

Private Consulting Is Not For Everyone

The 5 Criteria We Consider When Evaluating Potential Private Consulting Clients

Do you have a sincere desire to dominate your marketplace and eliminate your competition from the mind of your customers and prospects? Will you do what it takes (so long as it is legal and ethical) to grow your business and increase its value?

Is your inside reality strong enough to deserve and to handle significant additional volume? Do you have the capacity to handle growing levels of new business?

Are you willing to innovate? Peter Drucker said, “Marketing and Innovation make money. Everything else is a cost.”

Do you have sufficient capital to support the program at the levels we mutually agree initially, and will you re-invest on the heels of success so we can continue to increase your revenue growth, profitability and business value?

Will this be fun? If the project is not going to be enjoyable, we don’t want to do it. One of our “Absolutes” is: We will absolutely only invest time with people who are positive, honest, cooperative, and enjoyable to be around. People who are constantly looking to grow personally and professionally.

The Monopolize Your Marketplace ® System works for any business in any industry, because it is based on fundamental principles of human nature and deep insight into how people make buying decisions.

For more information on our private marketing and innovative consulting services e mail us at  privateconsulting@iffpfmedia.com