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Automotive Advertising Network (tm)


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Automotive Advertising Network (tm)

At present the Automotive Advertising Network (tm) is being updated to be more innovative, more productive, and to use all the great tools and programs to maximize search engine optimizatin and the best internet marketing.

IFFPF MEDIA ® will use the most advanced proprietary systems, such as their Monopolize Your Marketplace ® Sales System and the Internet Funnel Marketing (tm) System, in addition to the best internet marketing expertise to make the Automotive Advertising Network (tm) an outstanding success.

The Automotive Advertisng Network (tm) will utilize the existing www.ezautodealers.com website that has been in existence for the past eight years and has produced numerous leads from around the world for auto dealers here in the USA. It is a dealer to consumer website with a very high google rating. Changes that will be made is that it will be auto dealer and brand specific with geographical modeling. Auto dealers around the USA can highlight their new and used car inventories and all information will be shown in "real time." The additional benefits is the auto dealers will be able to maximize search engine exposure, hundred of sites nationwide, and from the high google rating and years of proven exposure and results and leads from www.ezautodealers.com . The web site places dealer cars for sale in front of consumers on the most popular search engines, for national, regional and local search phrases. Using our network system is the most cost effective digital marketing strategy to compete against larger national lead collectors.

In addition IFFPF MEDIA ® makes available their advanced internet marketing and internet secrets and techniques available to members of the Automotive Advertising Network (tm) in such areas as leveraging social media and copywriting , press releases and content publishing .

The Automotive Advertising Network (tm) offers a comprehensive solution comprised of key elements that will generate leads, visibility, links and sales for automotive dealers. The network leverages the individual power of each dealer in the network and amplifies their reach for more retail and service sales.

The Automotive Advertising Network (tm) members will realize at least a five fold increase in visibility for the cars that they have in stock to sell and if they are active with social media and blogging, the magnitude of success can be well over a ten fold increase. Using the IFFPF MEDIA ® Internet Funnel Marketing (tm) System we have seen web site exposure increase as much as 50,000 %.

IFFPF MEDIA ® is the leader in Internet Marketing and has more successful programs that any other company or person. Paul R Hauke BA MBA CEO of IFFPF MEDIA ® has extensive knowledge in the retail automotive business and as a result has been marketing automobiles on the internet for the last twenty years.

However, our expertise is far more reaching. The Monopolize Your Marketplace ® SystemMonopolize Your Marketplace ® , the Cash and Slash ® Sales System, the IFFPF MEDIA ® Certifications, as well as all other programs and systems will yield the best returns for your dollar, period.

For more information on this or any of our systems and programs please call us at 888-351-7444 or email us at marketingsecrets@iffpfmedia.com